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College religion course help!


Hey guys... 2 questions...

I changed my degree path today, which required me to pick up an extra humanities and a science class... For humanities, the advisor (who also teaches the class) picked "Philosophy of Religion," which, I'm excited about but don't know what to expect... anyone ever taken this class?

Next semester, I'll be taking a science class... he said all they had available was Astronomy at this point and kept telling me, "you really don't want to take that class, especially online." I kept getting excited every time he said "Astronomy"... Lol... are they really that hard? (It's a community college Astronomy class, so I'm thinking basic level)

My course load this semester should be fun. English, Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion and Abnormal Psychology  :groovin:

I'm such a dork that I get excited when other people talk about what classes they get to take!  :rolleye: Always the student, I guess. I loved school more than anything. 

I think the astronomy could be more difficult than other classes but would definitely come in handy in your witchy practice so I say go for it. I never took it but always had wanted to.

The philosophy of religion class-- I have not taken this but had a philosophy of history class. It is most likely going to focus on the question of whether there is a god/gods and significance of religious concepts in different religions as opposed to an overview of the major religions you would get in a World Religions class.

Good luck with your classes. They sound interesting!

Been a long time since I was in school but I took a course with a similar title to the Philosophy of Religion, it was simply an overview of the major religions, discussing their basic beliefs. It should be a cake course for you since you like that kind of thing.

Thanks guys :)

And Vordan, that used to be called Comparative Religions from what the instructor was telling me, but they did away with that and only do the Philosophy of Religion class now.


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