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How do I get ready for my first Esbat?

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I have been wanting to get closer to paganism for a while, and I know that the full moon is coming up on October 12 (maybe?) so I want to try celebrating it to show commitment and care for the Goddess/Universe. I don't have any alter supplies, and I probably won't be able to before October 12 since my mom, while supportive and understanding, doesn't want me to get into anything "weirder than what you normally do." I don't think she would mind if I did something to comemmorate the full moon, though. What do you think I should do? The fact that I have to be in bed by nine (nine-thirty at the latest) so I can be ready for college in the morning makes things a little harder.

...and YES, I know it's weird for a college student to have a bedtime!  :blush: :D

I have not seen anywhere, that you need to celebrate an esbat at a certain time of day.

You should be able to get up early in the morning and see the full moon.
If you get up early enough, it will still be dark outside.

The only thing you *NEED* to have, is you.

I have just sat quietly somewhere with my thoughts, while looking up at the full moon.
Just doing *something* is special in itself, and should not be discounted.

Ghost Wolf:
I agree. Many times, I have simply gazed in wonder at the moon, and said a silent prayer to the Goddess.

Thanks! That's a good idea to get up early--which I usually do already--and watch the moon and commune.

Hmmm, I'm more of a night-owl so I stay up late or wait a few days and then see the moon in the morning when it sets a little later.  :whistle:


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