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On the Pagan Journeys board (the page you go to when you log in) we have several features that are of interest.

At the very top of the page we have a status section that shows your user name along with a couple of links to help you quickly navigate around the board.  The "Show unread posts since last visit." link will bring up any unread posts in one window instead of having to click around on the board looking for them.  The "Show new replies to your posts." link will do the same, but only with replies to post that you have made.

Just below the logo and news section, you will find a button bar with links to "Home", "Help", "Search", "Profile", "My Messages", "Calendar", "Members", "Logout", and "TOS".  There are threads that go into detail as to what each of those do elsewhere in Forum Features.  These buttons will help you get through all the other areas on the board.

Moving down the board we have all of the areas that are the most important.  The different sections for posting.  Just click on something that looks interesting and go.  Details on posting will be addressed in another topic.

Last but not least, the bottom of the forum.  It is divided into four different sections.  Recent Posts, Upcoming Calendar (if there are any in the next 7 days), Forum Stats, and Users Online.  The Recent Posts section will list the last 5 posts made on the board no matter where they were made.  Clicking on the name will take you to that post.  The Upcoming Calendar will list any events that will be occurring in over the next 7 days, things like holidays and birthdays.  The forum stats show the number of topic, posts, and members we have on the forum.  It also lists the newest member and the latest post.  The Users Online shows you how many users are currently on the forum and who they are within the last 15 minutes.  If you click on their name you will be taken to their profile.


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