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Coming out to partners?

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I've always been fortunate when it comes to coming out of the broom closet to my family, friends, boyfriend, co-workers, etc. My current boyfriend knew I was Wiccan before we started dating.

I know not everyone is as blessed as I am when coming out. I know parents can be tough sometimes when it comes to the subject, but I've always been curious about coming out to your partner (no matter their title).

Basically my questions are:

1. Did they know before you started dating or did you keep it from them?
2. If you kept it from them, have you told them?
3. How did they react when they found out?
4. Were you Pagan before meeting them or did you start your practice during your relationship?

I've been married almost 18 years and interested in paganism only for the last 4 or so. Hubby new about my interest from the beginning and was a little hesitant about it at first after initial major hesitancy but that's another long personal story that I only share with my closest friends-- now he is accepting. He's atheist/agnostic and I tend toward that as well so we don't talk spirituality all that much.

Hubby's been Pagan a few years longer than me. Coming out? We MET in a Pagan chat room, so there was no question of that.

My wife is an agnostic, I was not actively practicing when we met so it wasn't an issue. As I became more spiritual she accepted it as long as I didn't force my beliefs on her.

My hubby grew up as a Catholic, but was rather disgusted with the whole thing long before we ever met.  He never found anything or even had a desire to look after that. When I told him of my desire to explore a Pagan path, I was really nervous because of his background, but he is incredibly open minded so it really wasn't a big deal to him at all. He was very accepting and even participated in a few rituals with me early on so he could get a better understanding, but didn't find the same value in it that I did.  Now, as a couple with varying beliefs (though I'm not really sure what to call what he believes), we try to give our kids an open understanding from both of our viewpoints.


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