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My friend needs some help.

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I have recently gotten back in regular contact with my best childhood friend, and I discovered to my shock that she, too, is interested in Paganism! If I remember correctly, she's got a few books, but she says that her parents aren't accepting at all, which surprises me because they seemed so nice when we were little. She says she can't go to Pagan websites because her parents will check her history as long as she lives with them, and I definitely don't want to make her parents mad at me. She's been doing meditation and energy work on her own (and she may be better than I am, but I'm not sure :whistle:), but she said she wants to get more involved with the Divine aspect of Paganism, like finding patron deities, etc. She seems to admire my relationships with Set and Bast, and she's been asking me about these things.

I have seen suggestions for Pagans living with unaccepting parents to search for mythology, and I was wondering if you guys have any good ideas for sources that tell about the gods and goddesses beyond the popular culture-influenced basics (I ask this because I definitely had to do some digging before I could find much unbiased information about Set, and you guys certainly helped). All pantheons would be helpful. We'd be particularly grateful for sources that aren't written by Pagans but that are still unbiased, since her parents probably don't want her to read things written by Pagans. I guess I could summarize the Pagan sources if it's necessary, though.

Any suggestions? I want to help her find things for herself without doing anything unethical.

Speaking of that, is it unethical to help someone over eighteen learn about neo-Paganism--and not just ancient mythology--if they're still living with parents who are unsupportive?

I don't think it is unethical to help your friend.  But as long as she lives with her parents, she should respect their wishes inside their home. 

I have found that it is best to learn about mythology directly from the source.  Classic literature (such as work by Homer and Virgil) is a good source for Greek and Roman mythology.  For a broader range of mythology, I would suggest Bulfinch's Mythology.  I also found a lot of information in The Golden Bough but the speculation therein might be suspect.  She could probably find both of these at a used book store in the mythology and folklore area.

The Eddas are available for Norse and the Mabinogion for Welsh mythology.  There are online sources for the Irish myths and many books on Irish folklore if her interest lies in that direction. 

I don't think your friend should deliberately make waves with her parents, but I have to say I am amazed at the number of parents who are the thought police for their children.  :confused: Yes, kids should obey their parents' rules while living in their home, but I really don't think the rules should extend to what their 18 year old children are allowed to read, believe or think.

You may find some info on and

Thanks, everyone! She is also very pleased with the resources. She's going to wait to read The Golden Bough until she gets to college, which shouldn't be long at all. The reason she's still with her parents is because she was in my year before I skipped a grade, so she's still a senior in high school. It will be nice for her to not have to wait, though. As bluefire said, she can study Paganism without "shouting it from the rooftops." From what my friend said, the reason her mother is so worried is because a relative was "into" Paganism and died young, so she's afraid it will happen to everyone I guess. Luckily, it seems that my friend isn't studying Paganism just to be cool or trendy (it wouldn't be like her at all); she seems to really get it.


--- Quote from: diniesaur on April 29, 2012, 09:22:13 PM --- From what my friend said, the reason her mother is so worried is because a relative was "into" Paganism and died young, so she's afraid it will happen to everyone I guess.

--- End quote ---

Stuff like this upsets me. Catholics die young all the time. So do Muslims... merf. It just... happens.
I hope your friend can find freedom in her studies and thoughts when she goes to college. Maybe one day her parents will be alright with it.


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