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Beltane 2012

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Where in the world has April gone? How did I lose track of the fact that this week is Beltane? Augh! So many things going on this week, I need to put aside some quiet time...

GW and I are going to a gathering this weekend - a much needed respite after the past weeks of craziness.

April sure did fly by. Now that we finally have spring here it seems to be going even faster. I'm trying to reconnect with my garden and make a comfortable outdoor living space. We may try to go to May fair at a friend's school this year-- it has been a few years since we have been. They do it really pagan with a May pole and outdoor festival. No bonfire but really nice for kids with lots of activities. They wait until the second week of May so that gives us some time to get organized to go.

My family went to an open ritual this past weekend and this coming weekend we'll be at the beach with our extended family. I definitely have the holiday covered :)

I *had* Tuesday off, now its moved to Thursday...
It looks like my fire festival will be quiet time with a large candle.

I might be able to get to the ADF ritual in my area on Sunday (my other day off).


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