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About me and a Q on Celebrating Sabbats.


Hi, I'm Akairyuu and I am fairly new to both Wicca and Witchcraft.

I have been studying for about a month or so now and I've settled into combining the religious aspect of Wicca and the practical aspect of Witchcraft.

Anyway, about my life at home, I am still in the broom closet somewhat where my Mum knows I'm into spiritualism (I told her not that long ago, she said she was totally fine with it and didn't give two hoots lol) but not that I'm into Wicca, though I don't believe she'll mind much giving her attitude towards my spiritualist beliefs. My Dad on the other hand is a bit unpredictable as though he's a great Dad, he's very narrow-minded (Very much the seeing-is-believing type and thinks anything beyond the material world is "stupid") and I don't really know what his reaction would be; I have a feeling he probably wouldn't care but I'd rather just keep it to myself for now.

I know I should be more independent at 23 but as I'm just on the Autistic Spectrum with Mild Asperger's Syndrome and the fact that I'm unemployed, I do need my parents for certain things at the moment so for now I'm just abiding by their rules.

Anyway, on to the question: I was just wondering would it be acceptable just to do small ritual with a spell as a celebration for Litha (Or any other Sabbat, that is)? I'm thinking of doing a job-seeking spell as the Full Moon is in Capricorn that day. I won't be able to use candles or incense on Litha, would that be ok do you think?

Thanks :)

Yes, a spell is appropriate on Sabbat and candles and what-not are not ever necessary.  I would spend a few moments on thinking about the meaning of the Sabbat before doing the spell and honor any deities you work with appropriately.  Honoring them can be as simple as a thank you.


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