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Thanksgiving - A USA tradition


Today is a civic holiday, unless you are in the food or retail business. I am in the process of fixing the dinner that we will have tonight.
The turkey is stuff with a sage dressing and in the oven, to make it the kind of meal I grew up with it will have the common side dishes of whipped potatoes and turkey gravy, sweet potato casserole, green beans and corn. Desert will be apple pie with whipped cream or French vanilla ice cream on top.

OH! I just remembered what didn't feel right about it. I need to make some rolls!

Eternal Seeker:

I couldn't have much in the way of traditional foods this year, but an evening with old friends and a couple new ones made it a holiday anyway.


My wife and I have never been much for the holidays, we used to go out to eat sometimes. My wife's sister have kindly invited us and our son the past few years and it has been much appreciated. Her other sister and her sister's daughter were able to attend this year which made it very nice, the three sisters together. My parents and sisters have all passed so I have no one else to visit so this makes a big difference in my life.

I was so busy cooking for Thanksgiving and Yule decorating that I am just now recovering.  I have hosted my family's holiday gatherings for many years now. It is tradition. I noted this year that the traditional foods have varied over the years as people have come and gone.


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