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Because I'm Curious (How you Found Pagan Journeys)

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I think the internet and how it works is pretty amazing.  I have found, through my blog and my other sites on the net, that people find websites in some of the weirdest ways and through some of the strangest searches.  If you feel like sharing, how did you find your way to Pagan Journeys?  Did you get here from a link on another site and which one?  Did you find us through a search engine and what were you searching for?  Or are you like many of us that tend to follow link after link after link and you are wondering, "How the heck did I get HERE"?  :D

I'm the not so interesting answer: I have a friend whose a friend. Period.
Haha what I meant to say is I have a few on yahoo and msn who were members of WF.  Another forum.

Mines a boring answer too :whistle: I have a little used blog that every now & again I check in on- try to update it and have a look see what fellow bloggers have been up to. Checked in on Fox's blog- Hey Presto - I'm here :rolleye:

I just know Fox LOL.  Oh and I was on WF too :whistle:

Eternal Seeker:

I received a message from three witches- does that make me Macbeth?



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