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Any plans this year for Beltane?

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It is finally warm enough here that I might be able to convince hubby to have a fire in our fire pit (which hasn't happened in a REALLY long time), but I think it is supposed to rain.  Whether we do that or not, I'm definitely feeling pulled to do something, just not really sure what.  If it does end up raining, I may just make it personal quiet time after the kids are in bed.

The coven is having a celebration with maybe a small ritual involved.  Nothing to fancy.  Just a get together to enjoy eachothers company

Beltaine eve on Friday- so once again I have fresh Rowan twigs ready to place at all doors & windows ( entrances) to the house for protection against negative/evil spirits- My son will once again be gathering and then strewing Primroses on the doorsteps to the house entrances to invite in only positive/good spirits. This year has been exceptionally good for Primrose flowers and I shall put some in my evening Ritual bath too.  Under the secret Hawthorn tree-where my little shrine for the fairy folk is located ,I shall leave flowers and honey and sweet  gifts and on Beltaine morning I will be out gathering the early morning dew to sprinkle on everyone for love & luck, apparently I should be bathing in this May morning dew- but how on earth do you collect a bathfull? Think this time I shall throw caution to the wind and go semi sky clad- just me and my robe and smother as much of my skin in the youth dew as possible ( thank goddess we are not overlooked- or I would sure get some very funny looks. Will have a small ritual fire too and lighting it at 8pm GMT as suggested by Moonwillow on another forum- to cleanse and purify. I wish everyone a wonderful Beltaine time. Brightest Blessings for your magical workings.

Eternal Seeker:

Our CUUPs group will be having a Beltane ritual and celebration, complete with firepit. As it's one of the times the veil between worlds is tenuous, we will be demonstrating divination techniques as well. I'll be doing a version of Ceromancy. Traditional ceromancy is reading the shapes of candlewax dripped into a bowl of water- this will be Mallomancy, reading the shapes of marshmallow drippings as they roast over the firepit. I will also be bringing an oil lamp to do some shadowmancy.


Beltane always seems to sneak up on me. I'm doing field work for work on Friday which I could count toward it. It's supposed to be nice here this weekend and I'll probably try to go some sort of nature outing with the kids (hubby works). My older daughter wanted to go look for quartz crystals after the rains-- we know of a good spot on a dirt road so maybe that will be it. We usually attend a May fair at a local Waldorf school that is very Beltane oriented with maypole dancing but that usually doesn't get put on until mid May.


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