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Wish I had a punchline, but I'm trying to keep this lighthearted off the bat. I'm just curious what everyone thinks on this issue, and I'm not trying to bait or piss anyone off. This is all your own opinions here, no one has to back anything up. Have I covered my bum enough yet, Mods?   :shame:  :runaway:

And so, Question:

What, exactly, is your view of polytheism? Are all Gods one Divine? Are they archetypes? Do they interact (cross-mythos, I mean)? How does polytheism work with the various and wondrous creation myths?

My Answer, to start it off: 

Mrs. Vision has a very interesting take on this: "All Gods are all Gods. Some are like distant cousins who share interests (re: Greek/Roman varients), but don't try to confuse me with synchronism. Creation is something we can never fathom in our current limitations, but without any disrespect, what better way to garner followers among man than to say: 'All of this? Yeah, my handiwork.' "  I pretty much agree with her.

I tend to subscribe to the "different facets of the same diamond" theory. That the Divine (the diamond) is so beyond our ability to comprehend, we as humans have "broken it down" into something (the facets) we can understand and relate to. The names and attributes we give to those facets reflect our personal and cultural beliefs and needs at the moment.

Most cultures have at least some common needs, and the common threads running through mythologies/religions reflect those needs. But cultures also have some very distinct needs and beliefs, and those are also reflected in the cultural religions/mythologies. So while most religions will have a creation myth about "how we came to be", the details of "how" will vary from geography to geography and culture to culture.

In short, I think that in many ways, the Gods are what we need them to be. But what they truly are is far beyond our ability to comprehend.

Eternal Seeker:

Agreed, Tirya. I don't even bother to try to address the question because the difference is meaningless to us, at our level. It's like asking, "How long is string?"


Crystal Dragon:
I'm still pondering this one.  I do agree with what Tirya expressed, but there is another layer that intrigues me and that is the fact that the gods have very different personalities.  Not just the attributes we associate them with, but their individual quirks and tastes.  I'm getting to the point where I'm not sure that what I've experienced fits within this construct.

Ghost Wolf:
In my experience, I see them as individuals. There seems to be an all encompassing intelligence, which in Masonry we refer to as The Great Architect of the Universe, but our local Gods and Goddesses seem to be themselves.


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