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Hi everyone,

No i'm not necessarily switching traditions, Anubis still is my main deity. However, I would like to try Hoodoo and I was wondering if you guys happened to know any websites or books that are related to Hoodoo. Thanks ahead of time.  ()

Okay I have several books on the subject, I will go find them and post them.
First a website look up Lucky Mojo Curio Company, pretty entertaining

Sticks Stones Roots and Bones, by Stephanie Rose Bird
This is not real accurate but is interesting

Voodoo and Hoodoo, by James Haskins,
This is a must have book very informative.

African American Folk Healing, by Stephanie Y. Mitchem
Very good

I have more but will need to dig around some more, I had to move some of my books away from a chewy dog and they are disorganized. There is lots of crap out there but these should get you off on the right foot to understanding it.

Thanks a lot for the help Vordan.


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