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Hello, Everyone,

I didn't see a topic for this so I decided to start one. I'm new to Heathenery but I have been reading about it for over a year. Heathenism is the worshiping of the old Norse gods like Odin, Frigg, Freya, Thor, etc. Followers of the Norse gods wear Thor's hammer, just like their ancestors did, to represent their religion. We have the nine noble virtues which are courage, truth, honor, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, industriousness, self reliance, and perseverance. We have gatherings called Blots, were we come together to strengthen the bonds of the community as a whole. Even though there are many solitary practitioners of Heathenery, the blots, as I've mentioned before, brings us together. Unlike other pagan religions like Wicca we hold our rituals outside.

Therefore nothing is hidden from anyone. The only thing that is the same with Wicca is that we have an altar. My altar is inside and dedicated to Odin. However, I'm planning on having a outdoor altar to him when I can get the money together to have something built. Now others might say that we can have our rituals inside but I like outside rituals because they make me feel closer to nature. I'm still learning about Heathenery and its going to take me time to now what there is to know but I'm hoping that this little bit of info helps.   

Nice to meet you!

I love learning about Heathenism since it is my ancestral religion. Over the years I've made many many Heathen friends and learned so many interesting things about both its modern and ancient practice.

Do you consider Odin to be your patron?

There are several folks on here that are heathenish.  My husband (Ghostwolf) and I recently joined a Kindred meetup group and will be attending Blots in the upcoming months to see how we fit with the community.  He has always been interested in the Northern traditions and we thought that we might find people with similar values among the Kindred.  It looks like we will be attending a Faining for Frigga in March.  I don't know much about the Norse Gods but I am pretty sure I won't have a problem connecting.  The myths are interesting and The Havamal seems like common sense to me.   :D

Eternal Seeker:

While not my primary path, I facilitate two Asatru groups in my prison ministry and honor the path. I have found quite a few resources the last couple years on it, and would be willing to help as much as I can if you have questions.


That's awesome ES!   :D   I have been pecking around online but GW has a pretty extensive metaphysical library and gave me a starter book last night, "Exploring the Northern Tradition" by Galina Krasskova.  I am looking forward to learning more about this path.


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