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Eternal Seeker:

Yes, a good Gothi is invaluable!


I have been working on a Norse World Tree diagram with some correspondences.  I am planning to use it in my runic studies.  Here is what I have come up with.

Interesting that you chose Isa with Jotunheim rather than Nifelheim, both for it's traslation of "ice", and most interpretations I've seen associate holding position, waiting for opportunity, etc., rather than the Chaotic and Unconscious of Jotunheim. I probably would've used thurisaz.

Yeah, I may change that on further study.  Thurisaz would be more obviously associated with Jotunheim but this correspondence is for the 9 runes which are irreversible.  I could definitely see swapping Nauthiz and Isa though based on the obvious association of Isa with Niflheim. 

I have no idea what you all are talking about  :whistle:, but your chart looks darn impressive, DS, and would seem to be a wonderful learning tool.


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