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That "Witchy" Feeling


Hello there, PJers! I've been in a somewhat buoyed mood this weekend- maybe because I got Monday off too- and I found two great witchy techniques that I really connected with; so I'm feeling really upbeat right now.

Tied in to the witchy things, I'm sure guys also get the "witchy vibes" every now and then- you know, that feeling when you feel most powerfully as a magical being; when you feel super charged about a spell or a ritual or a herbal feeling connected to generations of mystical people, yogis, shamans and cunning men and women.

How often do you feel that way?

I'm currently surfing on a high off those vibes after looking at a video on youtube about making mojo bags and the technique resonated really powerfully with me. The other video was one about smoothening out erratic energy flows in your aura and tamping it down more firmly to the Earth- once again, I really connected with the imagery being used.

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and share the feels.  :yeah:

I still have times when I am awe-struck by the potential we have even after 44 years as a practicing witch. I rarely question whether a magikal act will be effective, I know that magik works. There are very few days that I don't use magik, it is the way I live.

I use a little mojo to make a living. I am most energized while wandering in a natural setting, woods prairies, swamps or under a full moon. I walk about 3-4 times a week so nature recharges me more often then the moon. I have a daily prayer altar, I feel connected there also but not as much as in the midst of old stones, trees and the sky above.


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