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Empath- how to determine

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Crystal Dragon:
Sorry I couldn't get back to this sooner ... things got a little crazy here.  :whistle:

OK, here's what I know for sure:

* EM, you are at the least very sensitive to energies and I believe that you are empathic but can't say for certain to what degree.
* The random nature of these feelings as you've described are exactly the way empaths experience the feelings of others ... the trick is figuring out who's feelings they are if it isn't obvious.
* Unless you're close to someone emotionally (like a good friend, your child, or your spouse) in general you won't get anything from another person if they aren't near by.
* There are a number of things that can affect how well (or even if) we sense energy or the emotions from others.  Fluctuating hormones are high up on that list.
* There are a number of things that can interfere with whether or not we sense these energies and if we're busy and focused or distracted we generally won't notice.
I've also found that it's more difficult to shield adequately when the hormones are whacked out so your efforts to control or resolve things might be hampered in this regard.

Bottom line?  No, you're not bonkers and I doubt you are imagining things but the hormones are likely hampering things and could be the cause or not.  I know that when I have these sorts of issues taking supplements with plant estrogens helps to smooth things out ...  something to consider.  ;)

Thanks, CD. What you said makes me feel better about myself. I did always wonder why I get very anxious in hospitals and malls and why funerals of people that I don't even know will make me an emotional mess-- it's really embarrassing. I don't know how many times I have been told I am overly sensitive. How do you not feel like an alien when you are like this? Fortunately, things have settled a bit since it has been a few days since the one boy and my daughter have stopped talking. I will definitely check into the herbs.  ()


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