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We actually have two full moons this month.  :omg:  Anyone have any good info about that little tidbit?

Crystal Dragon:
Other than the current popular name for this is "Blue Moon"?  Nope, doesn't mean much of anything. ;)

Interesting... all I know is historically it is considered unlucky. I found a pagan website that suggests it is a time for goal-setting.

Lately, I've been looking up the astrological information surrounding each full moon to help me decide what to focus on for each esbat.

Eternal Seeker:

This is only possible with people using the calendar created by Julius Ceaser. Those who use a Lunar calendar- Modern Jews and Arabs, ancient Celts, a few others, cannot by definition have two full moons in one month.


I agree with ES.  If we were using a lunar calendar, the modern definition of a blue moon would be impossible. There are two modern definitions of for a blue moon.  One is the second full moon in a season and the other, much newer definition, is the second full moon in a calendar month.

I tend to think a lot about what I should work on during a blue moon Esbat.  The timing of the upcoming blue moon speaks to me of new beginnings and hope.


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