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...Is on March 20th, yes? Because that is the Spring Equinox? Am I right?

Yes. I like to check out our PJ calendar (see top menu bar) for important dates. Do you have plans? Maybe your pagan group is doing something?

I am hoping for good weather on the weekend either side of Ostara so we can make a trip to a local wildflower site. Unfortunately the 20th is a busy day so I am not sure I will celebrate on the day itself unless just to light a candle.

I don't think my Pagan group is doing anything for Ostara as a group. Many are part of the CUUPs in the town I live in and will celebrate there - others are pretty solitary (except for this group) and will do their own thing.

I plan to plant a few seeds indoors and color and blow eggs for ornaments! My grandfather made what we call the "googoo" tree. It is really a system of hardy roots turned upsidedown, mounted on another piece of wood, and covered with a finish. Right now we have fake plastic or wood eggs on the tree for Spring, but I think it would be special to make real blown eggs! Maybe try my hand at the Ukrainian Pysanky!

Ostara is my sweetheart's birthday.   :D :loveheart:


--- Quote from: dragonspring on February 29, 2012, 12:39:04 PM ---Ostara is my sweetheart's birthday.   :D :loveheart:

--- End quote ---

What are you cooking for  him?  :D


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