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Title: What is happening in your life?
Post by: DragonsFriend on March 17, 2016, 02:38:21 PM
Don't limit your answers to just the spiritual side of life but let us know about the rest of your life too.

I have just finished building 9 raised beds for the garden and I ordered 2.5 yards of "fertilizer" (horse manure) to add into the sand and peat to fill them.

I just finished putting on the last of the prerequisite classes in my program of Pagan 101 series of classes. I will be going on to the more advanced classes beginning next month.

I have been busy putting drywall up in the garage and shop so I can finally finish both of them. I have been making pilots and spacers on my lathe for my case trimmer in preparation for reloading ammo for this years competitions.

I am accepting the vice presidency for the range I belong to after serving on the board of directors for the last year. I took first place in the Small bore Silhouette competition last Saturday. We are rebuilding the range and keeping it clean while putting up new signs and revamping the standard operating procedures to better define acceptable actions.

I am about half way through the police department's Citizens Academy training.

I have two loaves of banana bread that I made yesterday that have not been touched yet. One of them is for the "Pagans in the Park" gathering this coming Sunday. I have the sourdough starter curing for some cinnamon sourdough bread for the event as well.

That and my normal preparation of meals and helping my wife with some of her projects is about all I have been busy with.
Title: Re: What is happening in your life?
Post by: Eternal Seeker on March 17, 2016, 05:45:13 PM

I am meeting Saturday with the Chaplain of Putnamville Correctional Facility as consultant for Pagan services in my ongoing prison ministry. This may lead to consulting in other facilities I don't have the time and strength to actually go into at this time.

My health continues to improve after the last two surgeries (which is why I'm able to take on the above); I'm seeing a spine specialist next week about a new disc repair procedure. My weight loss is now at 115 lbs and counting.

I have a publisher for my latest book, tentatively titled "Wicca 103, an intermediate guide". I still have one chapter of text and about 20 illustrations to finish, but it's progressing well.

Our two new kittens are at that spindly stage where the framework has sprouted to adult size, and now they're adding muscle to it... which means they're eating like... well, we've nicknamed them "the locusts".

My wife and I, and some friends are putting together a trip to an elephant rescue facility later this year where we'll spend a day or two feeding and bathing them.



Title: Re: What is happening in your life?
Post by: dragonspring on March 30, 2016, 11:15:53 AM
At work, I have been relatively busy doing project development and estimating costs for various school systems and government facilities across the state of Tennessee.  Our team develops projects that pay for themselves in energy and water conservation.  My next project is in eastern Arkansas.   Fortunately, other team members are covering the jobsite visits and sharing photos and building plans so I don't have to travel.

At home, we are gearing up for the growing season.  We planted apple and peach trees last week and GW has tilled the garden a couple of times.  We have expanded the garden area to increase our plant spacing and grow more things this year.  I have started some seeds, most notably tomatoes, which are sprouting on the front porch and am taking off this afternoon to plant kale, peas, and carrots in the tilled area.  The herbs are all thriving and weeding is a pretty constant thing. 

Very soon, I am planning to try making some mead.  I have been gathering supplies for that purpose and just need to get my hands on more honey to give it a shot.

I find that most of my spiritual activity takes place during gardening lately.  I am always mindful of the land vaettir and the lessons I can learn from participating in the process of growing things.  Occasionally, I have time for genealogical research which is an opportunity to learn more about history and create deeper bonds with the ancestors. 

The family was over on Easter for a family dinner which was nice and I spend time with my daughter regularly which is also nice.  We have decided to get Dollywood season passes so we can spend some time screaming on roller coasters this year.  :) 

I have also reserved cabins for summer getaways. We are doing a long weekend in June for a mini family reunion and a few days in July just to relax.  I am looking forward to both occasions.
Title: Re: What is happening in your life?
Post by: Ghost Wolf on April 04, 2016, 12:50:13 PM
Note: I will NOT be on the roller coasters...
Title: Re: What is happening in your life?
Post by: dragonspring on April 05, 2016, 02:11:32 PM
 :rotflmao:  Of course not sweetheart. :rolleye:
Title: Re: What is happening in your life?
Post by: Athena on April 07, 2016, 06:07:26 AM
Such a warm question, DF!

I am renewing my vows to myself tonight. Might sound completely eccentric and crazy, but I have been through a lot lately. And in order to keep things functional on professional front and in family, I kind of forgot to love myself. So tonight, I solemnly begin a life long affair with myself.

At office, things are balanced. Nothing too grand of a success, nothing too scary to drive us off the road. Although I really want it to scale up now.

I have been meaning to learn a lot of things lately - French, Gardening, Working with crystals (that's been on the list for the longest time now), playing violin, etc. But was putting off. Will start now, with crystals first.

Title: Re: What is happening in your life?
Post by: vordan on May 20, 2016, 08:40:24 AM
Walking woods and meadows, working making money, taking pictures, writing poems, petting dogs, loving my wife. I have a pretty quiet life. I listened to a sermon yesterday while walking a fen delivered by a redwing blackbird and the wind about being happy. The other day a waterfall spoke of laughter to me and some flowers talked of hope. I took a seminar on the impermanence of beauty from a butterfly.... So I guess I am taking classes.
Title: Re: What is happening in your life?
Post by: DragonsFriend on May 20, 2016, 08:47:11 PM
I spent the day at the range watching the NW Regional SASS Cowboy Action Competitiuon. Even though I was the range safety officer I had little to do other than a bit of traffic control. The cowboys (and girls) all knew their way around the competition and it was great just watching them shoot and visiting between sets. One old guy caught my eye because it was hard for him to just get around. He was over 70 and he was slow in his walk and definitely showing his age. Then he got up to shoot...

Ten shots from a rifle, ten shots with two pistols and two shots with a shotgun at steel targets at different ranges. He turned in the fastest time of the day without missing a single target! It was like watching Yoda walking slowly with his staff and then exploding into an action hero bounding off the walls and ceiling. When he was done he ambled off the course of fire and returned to being an "old man". What a kick!

Tonight we go to dinner with my son to meet his new girl... this one seems to be special...
It has only been a year since the divorce and my son was blindsided by the divorce and the revelations tha followed. He did not want the divorce and later we found out why his wife did... Oh well, so tonight we meet his new girl. I don't have any expectations but I feel my son does. I can only hope that it is what he needs at this point in his life. I will leave "forever after" to the gods.
Title: Re: What is happening in your life?
Post by: anarchistbanjo on May 29, 2016, 12:29:26 PM
My wife of twenty years, (we were married twice) is currently moving out after I tried to move out last year! Sometimes getting unstuck is more difficult than getting stuck! Neither of us want to hurt the other. After she is gone I will need to find another place to live as well.  I recently finished the uncensored English translation of Hanns Heinz Ewers book "Vampire" from the original German and made it available as a kindle book. I also finished another book "Radical Satanism: The Tantric Path of Divine Counterparts" and made it available as a kindle book. I have also just joined two pagan/Wiccan forums (this is one of them) to reach out to others if like mind and spirt. Other than one other person that lives across the world from me I have no other person to talk with about these things. My workplace seems very stressed and chaotic these days. There are some major changes coming. No one knows what they will be.
Title: Re: What is happening in your life?
Post by: DragonsFriend on May 29, 2016, 03:55:41 PM
Change is the universal constant and if the change is in different directions we have others to travel together with toward the next completion.
20 years is longer than most marriages last and it will take time to get back to who you are now, without your spouse.
Is German your native language or is it English?
Title: Re: What is happening in your life?
Post by: anarchistbanjo on May 29, 2016, 06:35:36 PM
While I don't like change I am looking forward to it! It is hard to be stuck in a place where there seems to be no growth. I have already found new growth and look forward to new adventures! I live in Minnesota and German is a second language. I've currently translated six books from the original German as a hobby. I spent six months in Germany as a college exchange student back in 1980. Shows how old I am! Chuckle.