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 on: July 06, 2016, 11:45:09 AM 
Started by Tinevisce - Last post by Tinevisce
To start off, I have to say I do have an idea as to what the Left Hand paths essentially are, but it's something very nebulous and indefinite and heavily coloured by pre-conceived notions.

So, I figured I'd post here and get a range of opinions. :)

To me, the Left Hand paths offer results/power relatively faster than the Right Hand but is far less forgiving. "Falling off the bandwagon" would have some very direct, serious consequences. This is really influenced by what I know of Tantra, India's native left hand path of mysticism- I was curious how far off I am from the "official" definition.

 on: May 30, 2016, 08:19:39 AM 
Started by VisionFromAfar - Last post by anarchistbanjo
I stopped participating in forums and such several years ago for much the same reason. I think I've kind of worked through it hopefully. I've also noticed it in writer's workshops and its probably everywhere. It seems that people are friendly and supportive and will work with you to bring you up to their level or almost up to their level and then will refuse to support you any further. An ego thing like others have said. As long as they are on top they will be friendly and perhaps condescending? But Goddess forbid treat anyone as equals! Chuckle.

I said I think I've worked through it because I'm here for the social contact and the last thing I need or want is to blow my own horn and annoy others. I suspect it will be awhile before I introduce a topic of my own because I want to get to know everyone else first. I'm more comfortable responding to topics that interest others right now.

I did meet Raymond Buckland twice and participated in a Beltaine ritual in which he was an invited guest. He seemed a bit distant but friendly. I should clarify and say he signed a book for me! That isn't really meeting him is it? Chuckle.

 on: May 29, 2016, 06:35:36 PM 
Started by DragonsFriend - Last post by anarchistbanjo
While I don't like change I am looking forward to it! It is hard to be stuck in a place where there seems to be no growth. I have already found new growth and look forward to new adventures! I live in Minnesota and German is a second language. I've currently translated six books from the original German as a hobby. I spent six months in Germany as a college exchange student back in 1980. Shows how old I am! Chuckle.

 on: May 29, 2016, 03:55:41 PM 
Started by DragonsFriend - Last post by DragonsFriend
Change is the universal constant and if the change is in different directions we have others to travel together with toward the next completion.
20 years is longer than most marriages last and it will take time to get back to who you are now, without your spouse.
Is German your native language or is it English?

 on: May 29, 2016, 12:29:26 PM 
Started by DragonsFriend - Last post by anarchistbanjo
My wife of twenty years, (we were married twice) is currently moving out after I tried to move out last year! Sometimes getting unstuck is more difficult than getting stuck! Neither of us want to hurt the other. After she is gone I will need to find another place to live as well.  I recently finished the uncensored English translation of Hanns Heinz Ewers book "Vampire" from the original German and made it available as a kindle book. I also finished another book "Radical Satanism: The Tantric Path of Divine Counterparts" and made it available as a kindle book. I have also just joined two pagan/Wiccan forums (this is one of them) to reach out to others if like mind and spirt. Other than one other person that lives across the world from me I have no other person to talk with about these things. My workplace seems very stressed and chaotic these days. There are some major changes coming. No one knows what they will be.

 on: May 20, 2016, 08:47:11 PM 
Started by DragonsFriend - Last post by DragonsFriend
I spent the day at the range watching the NW Regional SASS Cowboy Action Competitiuon. Even though I was the range safety officer I had little to do other than a bit of traffic control. The cowboys (and girls) all knew their way around the competition and it was great just watching them shoot and visiting between sets. One old guy caught my eye because it was hard for him to just get around. He was over 70 and he was slow in his walk and definitely showing his age. Then he got up to shoot...

Ten shots from a rifle, ten shots with two pistols and two shots with a shotgun at steel targets at different ranges. He turned in the fastest time of the day without missing a single target! It was like watching Yoda walking slowly with his staff and then exploding into an action hero bounding off the walls and ceiling. When he was done he ambled off the course of fire and returned to being an "old man". What a kick!

Tonight we go to dinner with my son to meet his new girl... this one seems to be special...
It has only been a year since the divorce and my son was blindsided by the divorce and the revelations tha followed. He did not want the divorce and later we found out why his wife did... Oh well, so tonight we meet his new girl. I don't have any expectations but I feel my son does. I can only hope that it is what he needs at this point in his life. I will leave "forever after" to the gods.

 on: May 20, 2016, 08:40:24 AM 
Started by DragonsFriend - Last post by vordan
Walking woods and meadows, working making money, taking pictures, writing poems, petting dogs, loving my wife. I have a pretty quiet life. I listened to a sermon yesterday while walking a fen delivered by a redwing blackbird and the wind about being happy. The other day a waterfall spoke of laughter to me and some flowers talked of hope. I took a seminar on the impermanence of beauty from a butterfly.... So I guess I am taking classes.

 on: May 13, 2016, 02:23:57 AM 
Started by Crystal Dragon - Last post by Athena
Thank you for sponsoring my morning smile, CD.

 on: May 13, 2016, 02:19:36 AM 
Started by DragonsFriend - Last post by Athena
Hmm... So I get it now VAF. And, I'll remind you in October to curb your cravings towards Resee's Pumpkins. :D

 on: May 13, 2016, 01:13:56 AM 
Started by Crystal Dragon - Last post by Crystal Dragon
Geese are smart.

Very smart.  :) 

My mother had a pair of Toulouse Geese and the male was more than a little obnoxious.  I was one of a few people who weren't afraid of him so I'd get roped in to help out.  The little bugger liked to nip at you to get a reaction so I'd grab him at the top of his neck so he couldn't get to me and lead him off ... he really hated it so it got to the point (after maybe 5 or 6 times) where all I had to do was hold my hand over his head.  He'd look at me, then up at my hand, and I'd say something like "if you leave me alone then I don't need to".  He'd look at my hand again, then walk off. 

They are absolutely capable of thinking things through and making a decision.   :D

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