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Title: TOS Modification and Update
Post by: Fox on June 29, 2011, 12:08:40 PM
Just a note to let everyone know, we have slightly modified the Pagan Journeys Terms of Service (TOS) to clarify the rules regarding posting links.  The following is the section that has been updated.  Please take the time to read and understand these clarifications.

3.0 NO SPAMMING.   If you come here only to post links to other sites in an attempt to get free advertising, you will be banned.  Period.

3.1 LINK RULES – The purpose for posting links is to enhance our members’ experience and to help generate community and participation.  For that reason there are certain rules to what can and cannot be posted in the forums.

     a). Any links that are intended for any purpose other than entertainment (or exceptions noted below) must be approved by the staff.  A request may be made via the PM system.  Any links posted without staff approval will be removed and if it is felt that the link in question was posted in an attempt to bypass this rule, the user will be warned, suspended or permanently banned. 

     b). Members in the Validating state of membership may not post links except those from news sources (see subsection c) until they are no longer in that state as they do not have access to the PM system to ask for permission.  Doing so could result in the member getting suspended or permanently banned.  See section 3.0.

     c). Reputable news sources such as newspaper sites, Associated Press, CNN and other similar sources are acceptable as long as the content is appropriate and meets the TOS rules.

     d.) Links to competing sites are strictly prohibited unless approved by admin.  This includes sites that would compete with Pagan Journeys or their partner sites, Shades of Midnight and Dragonstone Herbals.
     e.) As a general rule, links to personal sites are not accepted.  Links to blogs are only allowed in signatures.

     f.) All content on the site you are linking to must be age and content appropriate to the standards of Pagan Journeys.

     g.) If you are unsure if the link you wish to post is acceptable, please PM an administrator or staff member before posting.
Title: Re: TOS Modification and Update
Post by: Eternal Seeker on June 29, 2011, 05:42:15 PM
Looks good to me!