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Is this a calling?!


I'm fairly new to all of this, like today new. I think the reason why I am so intrested is because I think a goddess is calling out to me. I recently was searching for a religion that was perfect for me, I end up getting into Hinduism, but it didn't feel right with me, so I stopped getting into it. But the goddess Saraswati name have been literlaly been in my head for the past month now. Is this a calling? I feel like it is, but I want to make sure, I also feel a connection with Horus, his name recently started popping in my head also.

I think we are called by various energies, it is wise to listen to your heart and follow where it leads. Sometimes there is simply a lesson you learn.

I agree with vordan.  Sometimes, it is a calling and sometimes it is a lesson to learn.  In either case, it is always good to investigate and learn about Gods and Goddesses that seem to be talking to you.

I think in either case you will probably continue to get signs and meaningful synchronicities. If it is just a lesson, they stop after you get the point. If it is a calling, they will continue, and you'll probably get additional lessons. I think lessons are probably a big part of a calling... otherwise what would be the point?

I agree with vordan, dragonspring and earthmuffin. Anyway, a "simple" lesson or a calling are "equally" important and I think that it's up to you to understand in which case you are. Nobody could say to you if Saraswati or Horus are calling you now. And I think that isn't so important: the most important thing is that They are in your head constantly. Listen to Them and I'm sure that you will understand why They are in your head.  :rolleye:


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