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New name?


Ok, I know I've been making a lot of threads lately, but there's been a question that I've been wanting to find the answer to, so I figured I should ask it now...I feel as though my name is just...too Christian, and not really real name is Tyler, and though it's not a Christian name, I feel as though it's connected to the religion too I've been thinking about making my pagn name to Torolf (Thor's wolf, as I'm fiercely loyal to Thor and the gods...that, and it feels right) what do you think? Is it normal to feel this way?

Many people use a special name in their spiritual practice.  Some paths even require one as part of the initiation process.

So I've noticed...but is it common for heathens?

It is not common among the Asatru folk that I am acquainted with, but I have seen some heathens on social media who use aliases.  Of course, a lot of people use aliases online anyway.


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