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Cleansing a house that was on Native American land

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Hello! I'm new here! My boyfriend and I just took a leap of faith and will be moving from Pittsburgh, PA to Lisbon, New Hampshire in a week and a half. We found a beautiful farmhouse that was built in the 1800's on land that used to belong to Native American tribes. I didn't get any negative feeling when we did the tour of the house but my emotions were running high because I was so excited to find something so perfect and exactly what we were looking for. I just want to do a cleansing of the house before we move in and one of the local shops nearby has a blended smudge stick with white sage and several other unique smudging herbs that are handmade by a Native American woman. I'd really like to try one of those because it's locally made. I'd also like to use a feather of some kind but I don't know if there's specific ones used for certain types of cleansings or if you can use any kind. This will be my first house cleansing so I'm a little nervous. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys! :)

The smudge stick sounds nice. I think people use different types of feathers but bear in mind that only feathers  hunted species are actually legal to possess. For that reason, you tend to see a lot of turkey feather smudge fans. Those can be rather costly if they are fancy, but a single feather will usually suffice. If it were my house cleansing I would probably sprinkle some tobacco or corn meal around the property as an offering to spirits of the land, but I think you should do what you feel is right for your place. congratulations on your new home!

Thank you for the reply! I've seen so many cleansings go wrong which is why I'm really intimidated but the suggestions you had sounded really great. I'll have to research what sorts of foods were grown in that part of New Hampshire. Do any of the out buildings have to be cleansed as well,  like the barn? I'm

Yes, you can do outbuildings as well. I don't know if it is a necessity unless you feel that it is. I'm curious about the cleansings gone wrong-- have never heard of such a thing before.

Crystal Dragon:

--- Quote from: earthmuffin on October 30, 2014, 11:14:19 PM ---I'm curious about the cleansings gone wrong-- have never heard of such a thing before.

--- End quote ---

Nor have I.  :confused:  Cleansings will always work as they are intended.  Now, if there is an entity that already resides in the space, a cleansing wouldn't necessarily chase it off, but that is a different issue.


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