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The Rhythmn of the Moon

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--- Quote from: dragonspring on September 05, 2009, 04:42:28 PM ---I celebrate the Full Moon Esbats either right before or right after the actual astrological date depending on my needs at the time - either building during the waxing or tearing down during the waning.

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That makes perfect sense, DS.

--- Quote from: Fox on September 05, 2009, 04:43:17 PM ---For me, the Dark Moon is a really great time for inner reflection and to go into those areas of our self that tend to make us uncomfortable.
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And that is also wise, Foxy.

Crystal Dragon:
I should probably note that what astronomers refer to as the "new moon" is actually the Dark of the Moon for those who care to make the distinction.

And just from personal observation, the full moon energy generally runs from 48 hours prior to, through 48 hours after, the astronomical full moon. ;)

OK, dumb bunny here... I'm getting confused.... I had thought the new moon is the astrological term for the time when there is no visible moon in the sky and the dark moon is a term pagans use to describe the time period during which most people don't see the moon-- it would actually be between the last quarter and the new moon when the crescent is only visible for a short time before dawn??? Do I have this totally wrong?

I view the new moon like Blue Fire does.

the "new" moon or "Dianna's bow" is when you can see the very first sliver of the waxing moon.  And the "dark of the moon" is when the moon is not visible.

Now, My HP on the other hand.....views it as the new moon when it is NOT visible in the sky

Crystal Dragon:
EM, most astrologers (there are always rebels :rolleye: ) consider the new moon the point where you can see the fainest sliver as the moon starts to wax again.  They see the dark moon as the period where the moon is casting no light toward earth ... this is what astronomers call the new moon.  It can be very confusing.  It doesn't help that other folks use different terms for different periods.  :whistle:


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