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October - Blood Moon or Hunter's Moon

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Blood Moon or Hunter’s Moon - October

This is the Moon where the last of the harvest is brought in so it is a time of thanksgiving.  The leaves are beginning to fall from the trees and the fields have been gleaned.  We can feel a change coming as the nights grow longer and cooler.  With the vegetation thinning, this is the best time for hunting.  It is a time to honor the spirits of the animals who have died to give us life and to honor the Lord as Hunter and Lady as Huntress. It is a time to celebrate our innate wildness.

This Moon falls between Mabon and Samhain; therefore, the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest.  This is a good time to contact ancestors and spirit guides and to work on divination. It is also a good time for women to work on women’s health issues.

The moon here last night was awsome!  I'm glad it wasnt cloudy so we had a great view of it

It rained here, so we didn't really get to see this one, just feel it.

Rained here, too. =( Supposed to rain all week. Maybe it's time to take up raindancing?

I think this entire time has strong energy, many of the odd things that I see or experience are around the full moon in October. I count three days before and after the full moon as having the full moon energy.


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