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For those who want to gripe about a website that irritated you


Crystal Dragon:
While we encourage you to feel free to gripe about general idiocy found on the internet, please do not post links to websites that annoy you.  It is our experience that these sorts of sites tend to fall into one of two categories ... the site is actually a spoof site or it's some fundy's site.

In the case of spoof sites (like Landover Baptist) while the sites themselves can be entertaining, it gets really old having to reiterate to the membership that it's someones joke and you were too ticked off to realize it as such.

And the Fundies?  Well, all you do by passing out the link is give them more hits.  And to them, more hits means that they are getting their message out.  I personally feel strongly enough about this second issue that I will remove any links from any post I see that links to an offensively fundy site.


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