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Why won't anyone give me the answer?


Crystal Dragon:
OK, so you're interested in Paganism, or maybe even Wicca, and you've found these forums.  You come in full of hope and start asking questions ... but no one is giving you any answers!  Why not?

Well, first you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.  When you posted, did you show any willingness to do research on your own or are you expecting to be handed the answers?  Did you look around the forums first to see if maybe your question had already been answered or did you just start throwing questions out?

Those of us who've been doing this awhile haven't learned what we have by being spoonfed information.  We worked at it.  We studied and did research.  And from personal experience we know that these paths take work ... it's not something you learn by reading a book or a website.  If you haven't found it yet, check out Eternal Seeker's post on the subject: Why should I have to study so hard?

Unfortunately society is heading down it's own path and that path is one where people try to make their lives as easy as possible.  And what most people don't get is that spiritual growth doesn't come easily.  It doesn't mean anything if you don't work at it.  So before you assume that the person responding is being a meanie-poo-poo-head, think about what you've asked in your post and consider whether or not you were trying to find a shortcut that doesn't exist.


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