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Pull Toward the Elememt of Fire.


Even as a kid I was always interested in fire. This smoke the fire produced, the burn, the light. Everything about it I was really interested in my parents even called me a "pyromaniac"  Now that I'm diving further into this sort of way of life and and appreciation of of other elements it's only grown. Does anybody else experience this or what could this possibly mean?

Crystal Dragon:
It could mean any number of things.  And it would be irresponsible of anyone to even suggest what those might be with so little information provided.  If it concerns you, you should be talking to a professional therapist ... especially if this is an obsession.

As for discussions here, perhaps you'd have better luck getting a response if you were actually engaging the members by telling us who you are and such, instead of just asking a somewhat vague question.  We don't coddle here and we don't spoon-feed.  If you want answers, those must come from within ... no one else will walk the exact same path as you and you are doing yourself a disservice expecting to get answers without putting in the work. 


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