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Any other holidays?

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I thought this would be better suited in the Sabbats/Holidays board for anyone looking for something similar in the future, so I have moved it.

I celebrate winter for winter, to me summer is the waiting period for fall to return.

Mostly the celebrations I do are based on natural events (the first snowfall, the first new/full moons since the snowfall, the first storms, and whenever I feel that I -need- to celebrate or take the time to enjoy the winter season and be grateful for it).

I used to live in England (UK), and winter there is mostly like early spring here (you know, wet and nippy but never really cold and I only saw snow fall once in 3 years-and it was only about 1cm deep and melted within 12 hours). Since I've been back, one of my favorite past-times is to just watch the snow fall.

The celebrations usually involve cooking big yummy meals with ample desserts (apple crisp is my specialty), performing a ritual (or sometimes just a prayer) honoring the season and the earth, and sitting by the big door-windows watching the snow and the skies with hot chocolate.

Fall and winter are by far my favorite seasons; despite the frozen car engines and slippery roads.


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