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Lammas 2010

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I just realized that if all goes well, I will be able to have my Lammas observation on my new deck. What do you do to observe and celebrate the Sabbat?

Last year the Coven baked some home made bread and went and had a picnic at one of the lakes.

Not sure what we're doing this year for it?

Pick blackberries and make something out of them.  :D

I'd have to say that Lammas is one of the holidays that I am least connected to, so I don't do much, if anything to celebrate it.  Since it is so close to our proposed court date, I'd be willing to bet that we will be having a big family adoption celebration the following Friday. (Assuming all goes well :fingerscrossed:)

Crystal Dragon:
I've never really connected to it well either.  Which for me means I really should do something to try and connect, but I think it's more likely than not that we'll be too caught up in the crap going on here at home to have the time. :(


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