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13 Esbats - Starting With Winter Solstice



1 - Wolf Moon, Cold Moon           
Occurring in the deep cold of winter, this is the time when the wolves howled closest to our ancestor’s homes.  The eerie howl of the wolf might bring forth the instinct to protect our family making this a good time for protection work.  Since wolves lives in family units or packs, this might also be a good time to strengthen ties with our loved ones.  This is the time when some animals begin to hibernate.  The weather may also keep us closer to home.  It is a time for burrowing in and introspection. As the Wheel turns towards Imbolc, this is a time for planning and looking forward and also a time for purification.       

2 - Storm Moon, Quickening Moon               

This is a time when the nights are cold and we begin to get cabin fever from being cooped up in the dreary winter.  New life is lying dormant and ready to burst out.  This is a time to dream and hope and to set goals for what we want to accomplish in this years harvest.  We need to accept responsibility for mistakes we have made and move on.

3 - Chaste Moon, Storm Moon           

Light and dark are balanced during this moon so it is a time of balance and for new life to spring forth.  This is a time to remember your inner child and to celebrate your innocence of spirit.  This is a good time to work on rebirth and growth and also for prosperity and fertility.

4 - Seed Moon, Wind Moon                 

During this moon, the storms of spring subside and we see the first blooms.  The seeds are blown about spreading fecundity across the Earth.  This is a time to stop planning and start doing things to bring about any new beginnings you are seeking.  This is also a good time to celebrate the fertility all around us and to spend some time in the woodlands.

5 - Hare Moon, Flower Moon

During this moon, the Sun begins to warm up and the crops are sown.  Being near Beltane, this moon is ripe with fiery passion and lust.  This is a good time to work on fulfilling your wishes and for works involving your career.  This is also a good time to work on personal growth and to work with the Fae.

6 - Dyad Moon, Full Sun Moon

This is the moon when the light is strongest.  The flowers have bloomed and the crops are growing the fields.  This is a time for bonding and building relationships.  Nurture what is important in your life - relationships, career, spirit.  This is the month that is good for maintaining and enhancing whatever you have been building or creating all year long.  It is a good time for lucid dreaming and for protection work.

7 - Mead Moon, Honey Moon

This is the moon when the herbs are gathered and first fruits of the harvest are ready to consume. The bees have collected their pollen and the hives are filled with honey. .  This is a time for doing divination and dreamwork and for expanding consciousness.  It is also a good time to take inventory of what is good in your life and give thanks for it.  Water holds special power in this month so work with emotions would be good too.

8 - Wort Moon, Blessing Moon

This is the moon when the fruits and vegetables are ripe.  This is a time to harness the Sun’s  fiery energy for work on spiritual and physical health. .  This is a good time to cultivate well though out magical patterns and to give thanks for the blessings of our lives.

9 - Corn Moon, Barley Moon

This moon is the time that the grains are harvested.  It is a time to honor the eternalness of life.  The grain in the bread we eat descended from the first grain ever cultivated as we descended from the Ancient Ones. This is a time of hearth and home and is a good time for gathering loved ones together and working on family issues.

10 - Harvest Moon, Wine Moon

This is the moon where the last of the harvest is brought in, the nuts are harvested and is the time for making wine.  It is a time of thanksgiving for the abundance of the harvest.  This is a time of completion and is a good time to work on healing and true spiritual initiation.  It is a time to harvest what you can put aside for use later and to sacrifice that which no longer serves.

11 - Blood Moon, Hunter’s Moon

The leaves are beginning to fall from the trees and the fields have been gleaned.  With the vegetation thinning, this is the best time for hunting.  It is a time to honor the spirits of the animals who have died to give us life and to honor the Lord as Hunter and Lady as Huntress. It is a time to celebrate our innate wildness. Since the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, this is a good time to contact ancestors and spirit guides and to work on divination. It is also a good time for women to work on women’s health issues.

12 - Snow Moon, Mourning Moon

This is often the moon of the first snow.  The darkest part of winter lies ahead and this is a moon for physical rest and the spiritual work of focusing on the Divine inside ourselves.  This is a good time to reassess what we need to let go of so that we can focus on a new beginning in the next moon.

13 - Oak Moon, Long Nights Moon

At the darkest time of the year, we respect the resilience of the oak who weathers the cold winter in majesty - with its root reaching the Underworld.  Like the land that lies barren of any harvest, it is time to accept that we all must rest to prepare for new growth. This is a time of hope and also a time to acknowledge our shadow selves.  We realize that sometimes a part of us must die in order to have new life.


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