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Lammas 2012

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Share plans or rituals here if you like. :)

I will be on vacation for the next week or so and Lammas will be upon us when I return. For some reason, I really like this Sabbat. I think it's because I can feel it a bit in the air and start to anticipate Samhain. I hope to go pick wild berries if there are any left when we get back. If I get a good crop, I will try making some wild berry cordials to open at Yule.

I will be spending this day seeing Mumford and sons in Hoboken! It's outside on a pier so I'll be out in the fresh air. Im so excited!

Lammas falls on the festival of Victoria (Victory) and Spes (Hope) this year. I'll be making an altar for the two outside under my oak tree. Around dusk I'll go out and read a couple of hymns before giving and offering of beef and wine. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to start a fire and make these burnt offerings. Afterwards I'll offer up some prayers for our troops and those in distress around the world. Although it isn't traditional I associate Vesta and Bacchus with this holiday since both offer up hope and conquer woe. Because of this I'll include an offering of corn/flour and grapes to the Them.

I'll be down here, celebrating Imbolc *waves*

Our local CUUPS group is doing a gathering this Saturday. I missed going to the Midsummer gathering, so I really want to make this one.


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