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Lammas 2012

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I would normally go to the CUUPs group ritual, but with the hubs gone, I'll have to pass. I'm not so sure what I'll do now, if anything.

Looks like we are probably going to a CD release party for our friends Tuatha Dea at the pub.  The event is being billed publicly as a Lugnasadh celebration so us Pagans gonna rock the house. :yeah:

That sounds awesome - I hope you get a great turnout!


--- Quote from: Tahlea on July 25, 2012, 10:37:05 PM ---I'll be down here, celebrating Imbolc *waves*

--- End quote ---

Thanks for reminding! I'm sorry to always be so northern hemisphere-centric. :shame:

I actually did end up going to the CUUPs ritual. Another member told me she was bringing her children and that they offered to help reign in and play with my little one. It was a beautiful ritual and it was nice that I got to participate without worrying too much about my Pixie!

I have also decided to have a Lammas mini-feast with my best friend on Wednesday. We'll both bake bread, save some as an offering, and then pig out on bread, cheese, berries, and perhaps some wine! I'm looking forward to it.


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