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Michaelmas Day Song.


29th of September is Michaelmas Day
I thought I would share this poem, one of my favourite bloggers posted today.

The Song of the Michaelmas Daisy Fairy

Red Admiral, Red Admiral,
I'm glad to see you here,
Alighting on my daisies one by one!
I hope you like their flavour and although the Autumn's near,
Are you happy as you sit there in the sun?"
I thank you very kindly, sir!
Your daisies are so nice,
So pretty and so plentiful are they
The flavour of their honey, sir, it really does entice
I'd like to bring my brothers, if I may!"
"Friend butterfly, friend butterfly, go fetch them one and all
I'm waiting here to welcome every guest;
And tell them it is Michaelmas, and soon the leaves will fall,
But I think Autumn sunshine is the best!"

      Cicely May Barker

That was very nice!  Thanks for sharing. :D

Crystal Dragon:
Yes ... thank you!  It's a lovely poem. :warmfuzz:


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