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November - Snow Moon or Mourning Moon


This is the first full Moon in November.  Since this Moon occurs shortly after Samhain, when the God crosses into the Otherworld, it is sometimes called the Mourning Moon.  We are mourning the God’s absence and at the same time anticipating His rebirth at Yule.  Mourning Moon is a good time for getting rid of bad habits and relationships that are hurting us.  Since it occurs at the beginning of the Celtic new year, it is also a great time for looking forward. 

Snow Moon is a wonderful time to work on our personal relationship with the Goddess and for learning her mysteries. It is a time when She may speak to us most clearly, therefore it is an auspicious time for divination.

I was going to start a topic on the November moon and then I saw that DS already posted this two years ago.  :D

The time between the October full moon and the November full moon is a poignant time. The October full moon celebrates the harvest. Samhain lies in the middle and celebrates the relationship between sun and moon, god and goddess, human and divine. The November moon celebrates the beginning of preparation for new life.

During this time of year when Halloween is celebrated by pagans and non-pagans alike, I think it is important to remember the full wheel of the year and the spiritual guidance the wheel gives to us. Life moves in cycles. We see that in the seasons. We feel it in our spirit.  This time of year we rejoice in the harvest and we prepare to begin again.

May we all be blessed during this very special time of year.


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