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Request regarding choice of gender when registering


Hello.  When I was asked for my gender during registration, I chose male because that is my sex.  However, I am genderqueer, so this isn't accurate.  I'd like to respectfully submit that you allow an "Other" option when choosing gender.

Thanks in advance for your time and attention.

Crystal Dragon:
We don't write the software, and the options available are all that there is.  If you feel strongly about it, you should talk to the software developer. ;)

There is not much we can do about the software.  If an understanding of your gender is important to you, it might be a good idea to introduce yourself in the Introductions section.   I am not very "cool" and have no idea what genderqueer means and would like to understand from your perspective.  For future reference, I would say to choose based on which dressing room you would use when trying on clothing at the department store.

Understood.  I just wanted to ask in case it was possible because I've seen similar (but obviously not identical) forum software that allows an "other" option.  Thanks for the idea about talking to the software designer - that would probably clear the issue at lots of different sites.

Genderqueer (sometimes also genderfluid) means that I feel that my energy expresses more than one gender.  Parts of my energy resonate with being male, others with being female, and still others with otherness or alien gender.  Although I'm incarnate in a male body with male equipment and am happy with this physical expression, I still don't think of myself as a "male" being - especially not when I invoke a female or non-gendered deity.  We had a laugh about it at a local Beltane ritual this year.  The speaker told the males to take one direction around the maypole and the females another.  A couple of us genderqueers started spinning in place.


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