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We've discussed being an empath a lot in the past and I've always been on the fence about whether I have empathic tendencies or not. Lately I have been going through some weird random mood changes. I am thinking it is probably just the change of life but how can I tell?

My oldest daughter is going through some stuff with various boys and I will notice feelings coming in and out of the blue, which could just be me overempathizing like I have a tendency to do but some times it just seems unrelated to any thought I am having. Plus one of the boys lives across the street. The feelings seem very teenagery to me when I have them but I don't seem to get them when I am actually thinking about my daughter and the boys or when discussing it either with her or with my husband. It all seems to occur from out of nowhere and it feels very unlike me-- like my logical side is there just as always thinking but I am having these emotions out of synch with my thoughts.  I have had the suspicion that I am picking up on some of the boys' emotions and not so much my daughter who seems less affected though she is not super emotionally available anyway. But when she is obviously ecstatic or grumpy I don't notice anything-- it's hours later and for no apparent reason. Thoughts? Am I just going bonkers with mid-life hormonal changes?

The effects of menopause could be what you are getting but it sounds to me like the only way to be sure is to try shielding yourself from outside emotions. Although it can be difficult, especially in a relationship you can filter out extraneous emotions without losing those of your partner. If you shield and the emotions are not present then you have your answer. If the emotions still pop up you also have your answer.
It might be worth doing for your own piece of mind.

Thanks, DF. Unfortunately I have been really poor at shielding so I don't know if I would still be sure if I tried it. It would take some time I suppose to learn to shield effectively. Lately I have felt a lot more grounded overall and able to cope with changes in emotions in the family -- at least until this recent stuff came up.

I would suggest directed meditative visualization to bring a shield into play if you can do that.
I find it difficult to teach shielding effectively without being present with the individuals. I have tried teaching many classes over the internet but energy work is rarely successfully learned. Having said that, I could share a filter shield for you to attempt but the results will be more a matter of your training than anything else.

Crystal Dragon:
EM, I have some thoughts on this but am not able to get to my computer until later this evening ... I'll write something more when I can but for now wanted to mention that hormone fluctuations will affect your energetic sensitivity though there are likely other factors in play.  ;)


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