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Had Mike Nichols as a guest speaker

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Last night for our 101 class our subject was the wheel of the year.  Well, my lovely HPS surprised us with a guest speaker and that speaker was Mike Nichols!

He was AWSOME!!!!!  We learned soo much and he has so many theories that really make alot of sense.  Expecially theories against why would the god "die" at the peak of his reign (Mid-Summer).

And we each got an autographed copy of his book "The Witches Sabbats"

It was really cool!!!!!

Oh, talk about jealous... I would have loved to had that opportunity. I find his writings thought-provoking, and from what I can tell, he also has a sense of humor that would make listening to him entertaining as well as enlightening. =)

He was very entertaining and such a joy to have!  He really made you think too!

Like the differences between the "neo-pagan" names for the Sabbats and what the old names were and the similarities between the pagans and the catholics.  It lasted 3 hours but it was well worth it!

How exciting!   :D

Yep.  I'm jealous.  Glad you had a good time.  What an opportunity.


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