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Yesterday, Sunday, I held my first class in our new area. Only one of the four people who signed up actually made it to the class but we still had a good class. It reminded me of when I first began putting on classes a long time ago. I was teaching dedicates and initiates as a second degree. The one-on-one approach is very different than a large class but it is sometimes much more satisfying. The student was a dream. She had more insight into the ethics and etiquette of a magikal pagan life than some who have been practicing for a lot longer. Once I receive her completed homework I will issue her certificate. I hope to have more students for the next class, "The Theory of Magik" next month.

Cool. :cheer:  I am sure the classes will pick up in speed once word that you are doing them starts spreading.

Some of the classes will be more popular than others because of subject matter but actually learning what is taught hinges on the "less popular" preparatory classes. Like life you must crawl before you walk and you must have language skills before you can write.

I miss teaching classes, my coven was around for 12 years before fading away, at it's height we did weekly classes. I needed to just focus on my life for awhile, but reading your post reminds me of how much I actually enjoyed doing that. I used to give certificates for the degrees but I never thought of them for specific classes.

I can't take the credit for handing out the certificates. It was part of my first tradition to keep a "Book of Growth" and all the homework, certificates, thoughts, and workings went into that book (those books). I was kept up to date always and if you moved to a new area that had a group you had proof of your position. I always recommend that students keep a Book of Growth and keep everything magikal in it. I keep my degree certs and educational diplomas in my book of growth too. Oh, and since I moved I have a list of references both personal and professional in it.


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