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Am I the only one sick an tired of all the personal and vitriolic attacks swirling about the pagan blogosphere at the moment? Every time I try to push back respectfully I get brushed aside by the BNPs ("Big Name Pagans") too busy rattling their sabers at each other. It's exhausting to read. I can provide some context links if y'all want, but fair warning, it's real ugly and if you're not aware of it yet, ignorance might be bliss.

It would be helpful if you provided links. I don't follow the Pagan blogosphere much.  Pretty much dropped out of that whole scene when I figured out that there is more ego than substance.  Not that it is a purely Pagan thing - seems to me that there is a lot of finger pointing and name calling going around everywhere and that people are generally at each others throats.  Sign of the time I guess. 

Crystal Dragon:
I've pretty much removed myself from most online activities (no blogs, FB, etc) the last year or so.  Too much really negative crap floating around online and in the news and all the pre-election garbage isn't helping.

Ghost Wolf:
I don't even read that crap anymore. It's all pretty much BS. I've met "Big Name" Pagans in the past, and most of them are out-and-out nutjobs with delusions of grandeur. Save yourself some grief and just stop reading them.

I don't know about blogs and such but I have personally met several "big name" pagans in my years of being Pagan. Most are internationally known like Oberon Zell, Pete "pathfinder" Davis, BlackSun, and Paul Beyerl. The last three lived in the greater Seattle area. Pete Davis has passed on and has left a legacy that will last. They are/were all very good people. I have a personal and professional reference from Paul Beyerl to use since I moved out of the Seattle area. I first met Pete back in the late 70s just a bit before the wars started over his wanting to form a Wiccan Church called the ATC. He was successful and the ATC was one of, if not, the first Wiccan 501c3 churches in the USA. I deeply admired the man and the priest that he was.
I have also known some "elders" that should have been "dealt with" for their obnoxious and childish behavior towards "interlopers" who had more to offer than some elders. It turns out that people are people no matter the title they wear or the religion they follow.


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