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Author Topic: Navigation-Posting Overview  (Read 27541 times)

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Navigation-Posting Overview
« on: August 22, 2009, 09:29:39 PM »

Navigating through the forums is relatively simple.  Anytime your mouse goes over something that will take you somewhere else, that link will either change its look or it will become underlined.  To go to that location, just click on the link.

Once you are inside the individual boards, you will find threads on various different topics.  Once you are in a section listing threads, you will see several things.  You will have your navigation bar just under your user name section, just as you see on any screen.  Then you will find your list of threads.  The most recently active (newest post) will be at the top of the list.

To the right of each thread is some basic information about that particular thread.  You will see the member that created the thread, the number of replies, the number of times that thread has been viewed, as well as the date and time of the last reply and the member that made it.  You will also find an icon (sheet of paper with an arrow) that will automatically take you to the last post in that thread when clicked.

Several buttons appear both above and below the listing of threads.  “Mark Read” will mark all post in that section as being read.  “Notify” allows you to sign up for notifications of any posts made in that section.  “New Topic” will open a window for you to create a new thread.   “Post New Poll” will create a thread based on a set of poll questions you choose.


To create a new thread, just click on the “New Topic” button.  This will open a new post window.  Create a name for your thread and place it in the subject window.  You have the option of choosing a special icon to represent your thread or you can use the standard.  Type your text in the box under the smileys.  You can format your text using any of the buttons above the smileys.  Some formatting options are Bold, Italics, Underline, font style (font face), and color.  To apply the formatting, select the text you want affected and click on the button for that action (ie: you want to bold a part of your text, select the word or sentence and click on the B button).  If you want to use a smiley, just put your curser where you want it and click on the picture of the one you want to use.  You will notice that things look a little different in this window when you use any of the formatting features or the smileys.  To make sure it looks the way you want, just click on the preview button near the bottom.  Once it all looks the way you want, just click “Post.”

Viewing Topics

To view a topic or thread, just click on the subject title for that thread.  Inside this window you will see a similar layout as before, it just has the different posts instead of a list of threads.  The buttons at the top and the bottom are also a little different.  You will see “Reply”, which will open a reply window, much the same as a post window; “Notify” if you want to get notifications anytime someone posts a reply to that topic (you may already be getting notifications if you set them up in your profile for any posts that you have made); “Mark Unread” if you want this topic to show up as not having been read yet; “Send This Topic” if you would like to send this topic to another member for them to read; and “Print” if you want to print a copy of the thread.

Within each topic, you will see the members Avatar (picture) and a few of their profile basics to the left of the posts that they made.    If you would like to add a quote from another member’s post, simply click on the “Quote” icon within their post.  This will open up a reply window with that member’s entire post wrapped in code that will allow it to show up in a quote box.
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