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Pagan Journeys began as an idea between a group of friends.  These friends, Crystal Dragon, Dragonspring, Tirya, and Fox, met through another online forum that, over time, began to falter and degrade as the people in charge of running it began to step away from its care.  When that forum was finally closed without any warning, it left a void for all of its members.  This forum is our way of filling that void.

It is not the goal of Pagan Journeys to continue on in the same manner as that other forum, for this is new and different.  The people in charge and running it are different.  The rules that keep it a wonderful, safe environment are different.  The ideals and the goals behind it are different.  It is our hope that these differences make Pagan Journeys a place that not only fills a void, but goes beyond that to being a place of community, learning, and growth for all of its members.

Since a void was left, we are assuming that many who were left in the cold will find their way here.  And it is for their benefit, as well as our own, that we wish to make this place better than other forums of its kind.  But in order to do that, there must be rules that everyone is expected to follow.  Yes, those rules are listed in the TOS, but we'd like to expand on that a bit.

Having been around more than a few forums in our time, and most of us having been (or still are) moderators on some of those forums, we have heard a variety of complaints/excuses/reasons that people feel allow them to exhibit certain behaviors.  So, just to make sure we all understand each other, we'd like to point out a few facts:

•   This forum is a private endeavor and is paid for by the adminstration
•   "First Amendment Rights" do not apply in privately owned forums
•   By allowing people to become members we are, in effect, inviting you into our home
•   Just as a guest in our home is expected to behave in a respectful and polite manner, the members of these forums are expected to behave in a similar manner
•   Talking (or writing/posting) is only half of a conversation ... one must also listen (not just hear the words)  If you can't be bothered to read the entire post and/or relevant replies, consider that it might be best to stay out of the conversation
•   We don't all wear rose colored glasses and to expect such is not reasonable ... if you don't appreciate someone’s style of communicating, do not attempt to change, manipulate, or, antagonize them

Basically, this means that we expect that everyone here behave in an adult manner and "play nice" just like you would in your neighbor's/friend's/parent's homes.  And because controversial issues are sometimes discussed, members are expected to think before they post.  We intend for these forums to be a comfortable and productive place.  Those who refuse to behave in a manner that promotes this will be banned.  Those who stir up trouble will be banned.  Of course there will be disagreements.  And as long as those disagreements are handled in a productive adult manner, there will be no problem.  The staff have spent considerable time and effort in creating the TOS and several threads that espouse our views.  We encourage you to read them all.  

Yes, we are stricter than many other forum sites, but that is sometimes needed to maintain a cooperative, peaceful environment.  We want this place to be wonderful, but wonderful to us may not be wonderful to everyone else, and that's OK.  It is our hope that you will find this a great place to hang out and converse, but if you don't, that's OK too.  We are all different and these differences are what make human beings and their relationships interesting.  

So pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage, and have some fun.

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