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Author Topic: Profile Overview  (Read 22487 times)

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Profile Overview
« on: August 22, 2009, 09:28:25 PM »

On clicking on "Profile" in the navigation bar, you will be taken to your profile page.  It is the page that other members will see.  Above your information you will see several buttons.  From here you have many options for updating and personalizing your space. 

The first button is "Profile Info".  You can view the summary (default page that others can see), stats, posts, pictures and buddies by clicking on any of these links.  Within the summary, you can view all public information such as User name, Title, Contact information, status, age, location, about me, hobbies, photos and signature.  There is also a section at the bottom of the page for comments.

Under the "Modify Profile" section, you will find a list of options. 
  • "Account Settings" is where you would change information such as password and email as well as setting up your security question in case of a lost password. 
  • "Forum Profile Information" is where you get to play.  You can choose an avatar and create personal statements and signatures.  You can also add any contact and website information here as well. 
  • "Ultimate Profile" is the area where you can add pictures, write something about yourself and add hobbies and media. 
  • “Look and Layout Preferences” is where you have a few options for personalizing the board.  You can set the time for your area, decide whether or not you want to view other’s avatars and signatures, and make a few adjustments to how the calendar and posts display. 
  • It is in “Notifications and Email” that you can set it up to have email notifications sent to you when there is a reply to one of your posts.  This is also where you can manage the topics that you have previously requested notifications on. 
  • Under the “Personal Messages” section you can set up the notifications for personal messages. 
  • The "Group Membership" link will show you a list of member groups that you may submit your request to join.
  • "Snowflakes" contains the switch to turn on/off the animated GIFs that may be turned on at different points of the year.  If it's near Halloween and the bats are getting annoying, here is where you can turn them off.

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