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Mike Nichols asked to be a guest speaker on my covens sabbat class for our students :cheer:

When we had to cancel our creative writing course for Meetup he was to be speaking at, he said he would speak at the sabbat class :cheer:

Fox, would you like me to see if I can bring a friend that night????

I'd really love to, but with this stupid cough I think I'm going to have to pass.  :pout:

It will be in a couple months I think.  Our Sabbat class is our third class (we hold class every two weeks or so) between full moons, sabbaths and other stuff we've had to re-arange our schedule.

I'll get you a date when I figure it out and let you know if for sure Mr. Nichols will be there.  My HPS and him used to speak alot at camp Gaia

That would be great! :warmfuzz:


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