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Obscure Full Moon Names

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Found this on YahooNews today:

Obscure Full Moon Names of 2011

I don't know how accurate the information is (why would Native Americans call a moon "The Moon After Yule" or "The Moon Before Yule"?), but there's some interesting stuff.

It is interesting, but I also question how accurate this information is.  If the author is going off of generic Native American information, then I'd also question the Harvest Moon.  Not all tribes were farmers.  The Yule notation was also odd.  It is entirely possible that the author just put together a list of names based on multiple cultures but failed to mention which cultures each name came from.

Seems to be an amalgam of a lot of different traditions to me.  Personally, I don't care for the "Native American" generalization.  There really is no such thing as generic Native American practices.  Different tribes had different moon names just like different Pagan traditions call them different names.  The ones listed in this piece seem to be from tribes in the Northeast

BS. And the same crap is in the Farmer's Almanac. (Probably by the same person) This site is much better. The person here did better research!

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