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How being Pagan can affect others in your family.

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The fact that I am a Witch has never actually been aired out in my house, but everyone knows. It's kind of the running joke, really. We don't take it deadly seriously. Dad will record movies "because there are witches/fairies/dragons/cats in it!" and my mom and sister crack the occasional joke. They're not being disrespectful or anything, it's just not a big deal.

However, I'm actually fearful of what could happen if members of our family outside this household found out. Mainly my mom's aunt and uncle. They are very nice people who do a lot for us, but they're super Christian. I'm not even so much worried for myself if they found out, but more worried about how they'd treat my mom. I'm afraid they'd give her a really hard time and treat her like she'd failed as a mother.

Is anyone else in that kind of situation? Like you want to be out of the Broom Closet entirely, and you're ready to take on the world, but you feel like you need to protect your supportive friends and family?

I don't tell people outside my immediate family and close friends about my beliefs because there is really no reason too.  A lot of my extended family are Christians and I just don't think they need to know and it would cause them some discomfort.  I am openly Pagan with those I love and even more so with my Pagan family but other than that, I don't feel a need to broadcast my beliefs.

I'm similar to DS. I've always been very private about my spiritual beliefs so trending toward paganism in recent years has not made a change in that. I talk to people I'm comfortable sharing with and there's really no reason to discuss it with the rest of them.

Perhaps because a lot of us come from Christian backgrounds and most Christians have been trained to "spread the word" so they are always talking about their beliefs and what have you, we feel like there is something wrong if we aren't constantly talking about our spiritual lives.

My spiritual beliefs are personal and I will only share with that that I feel need to know or those that I want to share with.  For me, it is no one's business but my own as my spiritually isn't for them, it is for me and me alone.

If your parents don't have a problem with your spiritual beliefs, have you talked to them about your concerns? It seems more like you're worried about how it would affect them, so to me it's best to talk with them about it. You may learn that they've already dealt with it and you don't know it, or that they're not concerned about it.

I also agree with the other opinions that your spiritual beliefs aren't something that you need to bring up in everyday conversation. IMHO you shouldn't have to "live in fear of being found out", but the opposite of that is not necessarily "wear a two foot pentacle and a button saying 'I'm a Pagan - ask me how!'" :)


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