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Should I come out to my grandparents? If so, How?

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I'm out to my parents, and they're understanding. I'm also out to my mom's parents, but I'm not out to my dad's parents. My dad's parents are devout Southern Baptists who are against homosexuality and paganism ("devil worship!!" :omg: ). They even give their daughter a hard time about being married to an African American person.

This is a problem because I have a special relationship with my grandmother, and I don't want to lose it. So far, I've been pretending to be a straight Christian, but it gives me anguish to think that I'm decieving them. I really want to tell them, but I don't want them to disown me or not love me. Should I tell them? When, and How?

If they don't ask, there is no reason to go into it. My parents have basically always known. The rest of the family... it just isn't discussed. Some know, some don't. My very Christian aunt found out after about 14 years...When I got married, I had her in my car for the first time ever, and had a few Pagan-themed badges pinned to the dash. She didn't say a word to me about it; she asked my mother.

Spirituality is personal and between  you and your gods. We don't preach or convert, so there really isn't any sense in upsetting your grandmother with something she probably would not or could not understand or accept.

I agree totally.  Not sure how you are pretending to be Christian, but I have found that people around here tend to assume that one is unless informed otherwise.  We don't necessarily have to correct that assumption.

I agree. Is it really anyone else's business what your beliefs are? It would be nice for everyone to accept everyone else unconditionally but in reality, that doesn't happen all that often, I'm afraid.

Thanks. I can see your points. It just hurts to participate in prayers to their god and go to their churches where I know I'm not wanted. I read the Bible and pretend to believe it; I ask my grandmother questions like "How do I know if God is telling me something?" This is how I pretend to be Christian. I feel guilty. I'm trying to save my relationship with my grandparents, but I feel like I may be going too far.


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