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Should I come out to my grandparents? If so, How?

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--- Quote from: BronwynWolf on October 30, 2011, 11:24:36 AM ---If they don't ask, there is no reason to go into it. My parents have basically always known. The rest of the family... it just isn't discussed. Some know, some don't. My very Christian aunt found out after about 14 years...When I got married, I had her in my car for the first time ever, and had a few Pagan-themed badges pinned to the dash. She didn't say a word to me about it; she asked my mother.

Spirituality is personal and between  you and your gods. We don't preach or convert, so there really isn't any sense in upsetting your grandmother with something she probably would not or could not understand or accept.

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This! 100%

Crystal Dragon:
I wasn't offended but your last sentence, especially the part in bold:

--- Quote from: diniesaur on October 31, 2011, 10:09:09 AM ---When she mentions him in a good way, I see the wisdom of Christianity, but when she mentions him in a bad way, I see the hatred it exudes.

--- End quote ---

led me to think you were thinking there was something "bad" in Christianity.  There isn't ... it's just that some people twist Jesus' teachings to justify their own behavior or attitudes and it's important that we all understand that this is a mistake made by humans, not something inherent in a specific religion. ;)


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