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How do I practice when I live with my in-laws?

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Pagan w/o Magick:
Ok, where to begin.... I made the choice to switch beliefs in 2007 and it has been the most amazing transformation over the last 5 years. Now I'm married with 2 kids and presently living with my in-laws, who don't have a clue what being pagan is despite the fact that I've tried explaining it to them repeatedly. They don't judge or say anything rude to tear me down, but my quandry is being able to practice... Both have made it clear they don't want any of it done in their house. How do we come to a compromise so that I can still practice and they don't feel that I'm disregarding their home and rules? One other thing, I don't ever touch ouija boards, that's something that shouldn't be messed with... But how do I explain that my tarot deck isn't the same thing?

Their house their rules. I would suggest going on hikes and practicing in a quiet spot in nature, nothing fancy, no robes or such. Another thing you might check out is if the local pagan community has any public circles.

Pagan w/o Magick:
How would I go about finding other pagans? I don't know many folks around here...

How big is the urban area you are in?

Pagan w/o Magick:
I live in Longview, WA. I'm guessing about 37,000 people.


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